Our Team


13 yrs old. 

Loves Ear Rubs, Hugs, Sleeping On Your Lap, Chasing Birds & Playing Tug-of-War


6-8yrs old.

Rescued. Loves To Tag-a-Long Everywhere. Running In Circles At The Park & Playing Tag


3-5yrs old. Rescued.

Loves Howling At Fire Trucks, Watching Over His Partner In Crime & Doing Anything Outdoors


11 yrs old.

Loves Giving Kisses, Sleeping On Your Lap & Playing Catch With Mini Squeaky Tennis Balls

About Us


Our mission is to simply give you more, work better, smell better and be safe for your entire family. Our BOSS line is powerful enough to use on any mess while being safe for the whole family. 

BOSS was designed and made with love for our furry friends to remove the "presents" they leave behind. Traditional cleaners use enzyme or peroxide based formulas that simply do not work and lose potency over time. That is why we created a formula from the ground up. Our revolutionary formula works by charging stains and odors with IONs to actively lift and destroy on contact. Our BOSS formula requires no waiting, is non-toxic, biodegradable and will not bleach your surfaces.


BOSS also contains exclusive patented features that includes an ultra-concentrated refill to Recharge your bottle and allow you to spray every last drop. BOSS Rechargeable bottles are eco-conscious and promote a reduction in plastic consumption by 80%.

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