BOSS is enzyme and peroxide free which means it will work faster, never bleach your floors or furniture

and will never degrade or lose potency over time like other enzyme or peroxide based cleaners.

Our proprietary formula makes you the BOSS of stains & odors while remaining 100% non-toxic with zero toxic fumes and zero VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds).

Let us focus on your mess, so you can focus on everything else!


32 oz. Stain & Odor Remover

The only BOSS that gives you 100% more with the included Recharge Refill. Just add water and click the refill to activate your second bonus bottle.


Plus our powerful formula provides power and balance through Charged ION technology to destroy stains and naturally deodorize odors with a cool cucumber breeze.


mini BOSS

Recharge Bottle - Refills

Use these ultra-concentrated refills to Recharge your BOSS bottle. Each refill makes one full size 32 oz bottle. Save money, space and reduce plastic waste by 80% and have a peace of mind knowing that our powerful natural formula will never degrade or lose potency over time compared to other enzyme or peroxide based cleaners.

The Honcho BOSS

1 Gallon Stain & Odor Remover

No mess is too big for the Honcho BOSS to handle. This kit makes 1 gallon of powerful ION cleaners.


Other gallon enzymes or peroxide based cleaners are too bulky, take up too much shelf space, lose potency and degrade over time.  Our Honcho BOSS is smaller in size, stores easier, never degrades or loses potency and comes with a spray bottle that you can use for life.

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